Thursday, January 7, 2010


So this is the loaner laptop I got after my laptop crashed. Yes, it crashed WHILE I was working on my History Day project, so I didn't have what I had done that night backed up. So. Effing. Frustrating. The loaner doesn't read CD's, and sounds like it's going to catch fire if I'm on the internet too long. And the L key doesn't work very well.
But I'm lucky cause my World Studies teacher is amazingly nice and extending my due date instead of telling me "Too bad, you should've constantly been backing it up." Yay, Mr. C!


  1. PHEW. that wouldve sucked royally. and how do you back it up, anyway... cuz if you save save save but then the comp crashes....?

  2. You have to put it on the school server or a flashdrive and it just takes a lot longer, which is why I don't normally do it very often.