Monday, January 4, 2010


Yup, this has been my entire day. History Day. My topic is Waldo King and how he innovated jazz education in Seattle, so I've been researching and rewriting my script for my documentary. I am STRESSED!!! I've been looking for music by the high school jazz bands in the area, so these are some Shorewood jazz band CD's and my totally rad headphones.
I cannot wait until History Day is over, it's completely taken over my life. Literally, the only thing I think about anymore is History Day. I don't do much during breaks at school (like STAR today) because of HD. I tried to go in the tech lab to get them to help me get a video off of Youtube for my project, and I thought I was gonna get killed when I asked if for help. 
Sigh, the joys of high school.

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